Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My New Fav. Song!!!!

"She got her own" Neyo feat: Jammie Foxx && Fabolous

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

9/21 My Thoughts Have Finally Changed

People will only believe what they want to believe. If they ask you a question they already have the answer in their head. Its really no getting around it. I find myself constantly asked the same question, I give the same answer but his response is always the same. It has gotten to a point where I'm fed up. Not with him but the dictator of the whole thing. The Dictator well he is somebody that I considered my friend, somebody I once really cared about, somebody I thought I could trust, somebody who betrayed me in every way. He don't even know the damage he is beginning to cause. I don't make a big deal out of things only because I don't want to look like the fool. How can I possibly convince his own friends that his story is false? I cant therefor I'm stuck in the same place I was in before this situation. Maybe he's saying these things to impress his own friends or boost his ego but did he ever think about the affect it would have on me. Clearly the answer is NO. At first I truly and honestly didn't care but it seems as this prolongs more bullshit comes with it. I don't regret anything. Why should I? I'm not amazed by the immaturity of these guys or am I flattered by their lame comments. I need to just breath..................................................................... ok am I mad yet? Hell yeah. Finally. Right. I feel as though he is now trying to ruin me. Why? because he lives in misery. I have no reason to stoop so low. I mean I'm in school, I work and I create ;). Want to know what he spends all his time doing? Talking about me! Whatever he's mad about something. I think I know. Maybe I do know. Hmmmmmmmmm..... Well he receives no attention from me but I hate to say that when I see him or talk to him again I may let him know EXACTLY whats on my mind && the shit ain't good. Why not? He's saying shit about me. I should be able to tell him exactly how I feel about his whole useless life. Damn! Ain't it funny how a person can go from caring for somebody to hating them more than anyone. I can't say I hate him. No not yet, but time will tell as it has told this. He really showed his true colors. He is declaring war and don't even know it. He really don't wanna fuck with me. Oh My God!! The immaturity of this whole thing just amazes me. Trust I never do anything I don't want to do!!! Just know that! && this never happens!!! So can you please grow up, shut up and get a life. Haha! Well your son a be passing you up any minute cant live with your moms forever blood!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

All BLACK women are gold diggers ???

OK my girls should know what I'm talking about. I know yall hear it bcus i hear it all the time. Black chicks are gold diggers !! and guess who it comes from....our own men...yes the black guy. I laugh when i hear this because it is so ignorant to me. Not to diss any other races but I highly doubt that a white chick would date a black guy who's not well off but of course this is not in ALL cases. How did black women become gold diggers? Is it because we prefer a guy with a car? I mean we just want what you should have!! Personally I don't search for the material things {lalalalala :)} when it comes to relationships but it would be nice if you are doing as well as me or better than me. I mean its in history right? Men were always the supporters of their family. I'm just so disgusted when i hear that we are being called gold diggers and guess who is saying it the most...............THE BROKE GUYS.......this is what i wanna say to them "If i was a gold digger i wouldn't talk to yo broke ass" yea that's just how i feel. So i guess they feel as if white girls don't want them for their money but for what? its almost impossible for a black guy to even meet a white girl where I'm black guys really think that a white girl would date them if they had no money. I think all women feel the same, if they are black or white, we want to be taken care of, not take care of you!!! Its the rules I swear!!

Random Thoughts

  • We (black chicks) are there from the beginning. We are the ones helping you sale that weak ass mixtape. Then you get signed or better yet like Ye said "..and when he get on he leave yo ass for a white girl"

  • We were the ones at all your basketball games. Supporting you to the fullest.

  • (ok this is not for all black guys just the hood ones) Who held your weed for you when the cops came.

  • I might date a white guy this year....i mean why not...(and i mean a real one not the ones that i know that like rap and act more hood than the hood guys)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008



I love this song...just listen 2 it ;)

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I rushed home from work to watch the MTV's VMA's and to my surprise it looked amazingly CHEAP. Like WTF where was the rest of the audience. I do love Russel Brand tho...hes pretty cool. Wayne killed of course. Having Leona Lewis sing 'dont get it' was purrrrfect. && Kanye who i love everr so dearly did great as usual. & thats all that i have 2 say which proves it was wack

ok i gots more 2 say....

like wat made lil wayne pierce his lip?! i fuckN luv him tho....he do wat he wanna do && not wats exspected...thatz why he gets so much respect.


ok && i love Tokio Hotel no dout but my mom was tryna 2 figure out if the lead guy well the one with the big black hair was a chick or a dude



&& u gotta love this dude

taylor swift gotta be super tall...cus she had on flats && ciara had on heels && she was still taller

&& cant forget about my boo's The Jonas Brothers

Photobucket Thatz my fav. boo Joe Jonas ;)

&& my crush was there SHIA LABEOUF

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I cried in public 4 the first time yesterday. well i cried in a public restroom {does that count?}
im such a sad is so effing its so FUCKING stressful...i need 2 juss marry a millionaire...riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
so i was so super stupid depressed i had to buy something....i got a cute jacket from H&M...
now im happy

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Amy Amy Amy

First off I love, love Amy Winehouse
she is stupid super dope to you can see im a huge fan
naw she supposedly overdosed on w e e d....i didnt even know you could do that....DAMN Amy how much was u smokeN?? that had 2 be some good green...They say she smoked for 36 hours thatz insane...{{shes so cool lolz}}
&&& i read she may have brain damage from WTF get this chick some help bcus if she stop making music...imma go crazii

Monday, September 1, 2008