Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Little Too Late?

So most of you may not know the woes of me and this guy I call McCool. If you hit the McCool tab you'll see things I posted about him in the past but he's also the inspiration to this post.

Its almost crazy how a girl can like a guy sooooo much (and vise versa) and he says he feels the same but his actions don't show it. Then out of nowhere he wants to come back around and 'act right'.....only when its too late!

So I saw McCool Friday night when I was out with my friends. He happened to be at a bar pretty much next door to the bar where we were. We talked, blah blah blah....but he texted me that night basically saying he want us to try to be together and start dating, like on a more serious level than what we were....It took him a year and a month to come around!! Yess I kept count lol

After wanting this for like EVER...its like now I'm just not sure....maybe it was just long overdue...maybe its too late...

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